Ioniqa competes for € 500,000 in finals of PostcodePC Green Challenge Finalist logo Lottery Green Challenge 2016

  • Ioniqa has become one of the five finalists of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2016
  • The other four finalists originate from the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Israel
  • Her Majesty Queen Máxima will attend the final on 14 September 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Eindhoven (The Netherlands), 15 August 2016
Out of 292 sustainable innovations from 61 countries, Ioniqa Technologies has become one of the five finalists of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2016. The Dutch start-up Ioniqa invented a profitable cradle-to-cradle solution for the millions of tons of PET Polyester waste in the world, currently landfilled, incinerated or dumped in nature. The winner of the 10th edition of the world’s largest annual competition of sustainable business plans will be announced on September 14th, 2016.

During the finals Ioniqa will compete against PHYSEE from Delft (NL) and three finalists from abroad: Home Biogas from Israel, Green City Solutions from Germany and from the UK. The winner receives € 500,000 and the runner-up gets € 200,000 to realize their sustainable ambitions. A remarkable opportunity for Ioniqa to pitch its profitable circular PET-solution addressing the worldwide plastic waste problem.

Tonnis Hooghoudt, CEO of Ioniqa Technologies: “I consider it a great honor that our circular solution for PET plastics reached the final five out of 292 entries. Our presence in the finals is a tremendous recognition of the impact of our innovation and the health of our business model. And of course we really hope to win this competition on September 14!”

An overview of all finalists is available here.

Disruptive innovation
Ioniqa has invented a process to upcycle mixed PET Polyester waste – plastic bottles, packaging, apparel, carpets – into high-quality raw materials, able to compete in both quality and costs with original oil-based feedstock. It was already possible to recycle colourless PET waste, but most of the 54 million tons of annual PET-production is coloured PET. Of these products, 90 % is landfilled, burned or dumped in nature. The Ioniqa solution upgrades all PET waste – nearly a quarter of all plastic waste in the world – into a valuable secondary resource for new PET products.

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