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Ioniqa finalist 2016 “Radicale Vernieuwers” (radical innovators) Award

27 January 2016, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Ioniqa Circular has reached the 2016 final for innovators in The Netherlands: “Radicale Vernieuwers”. The award is for start-ups – ‘radical innovators’ – challenging the status quo with disruptive solutions for societal and/or environmental challenges. Ioniqa’s circular solution for PET-plastics is one of the ten innovations nominated out of 220 entries. Former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes will announce the winner on 9 February 2016 in Amsterdam.

Radicale Vernieuwers is an initiative of Kennisland, Vandejong Creative Agency and news magazine Vrij Nederland to put entrepeneurs with radically positive, sustainable and social initiatives in the spotlight. To become a radical innovator, the groundbreaking ideas have to contribute to a better world and be feasible in daily practice. The ten finalists can be found on

The Ioniqa nano-technology of Magnetic Smart Recycling is capable of recycling all kinds and colours of PET-waste into ‘virgin’ raw materials at a competitive price. As a consequence we can stop producing PET-plastics out of crude-oil today by producing new high-grade PET out of the abundance of plastic waste available on earth. A game changing alternative for the current practice of dumping millions of tons of oil-based PET-waste in landfill, incinerators and oceans.

About Ioniqa Technologies
Ioniqa Technologies is a high-tech chemical company from the Eindhoven region (The Netherlands), founded in 2009, that specializes in the development of Magnetic Smart Processes, which includes Magnetic Smart Materials and Separation Processes. It is a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Dutch Polymer Institute (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).

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