Successful 100 Liter scale-up circular PET-solution

Imagine a world without PET-plastics waste by converting it into the highest grade raw materials and stop using oil for PET-plastics !

Infinite recycling of PET-plastics is becoming reality: Ioniqa scaled up its circular process for PET-recycling by a 100-fold. The aim to validate the critical process parameters and the process yield turned out to meet our expectations. The outcome of this experiment is very successful.

Till now it was impossible to recycle coloured PET-waste efficiently into ‘virgin’ raw materials by taking the colour out. Ioniqa invented a unique circular solution for the PET-waste problem. In the current situation millions of tons of used PET-plastics are downcycled, dumped or incinerated year on a year. This is not only bad for the environment but also a waste of scarce primary and secondary resources.

The next step in our quest for proof of principle are the 100 Liter-runs Ioniqa performed. In the coming months Ioniqa will further scale up this process to 1,000 liters as a preparation for the real thing: the establishment of a 10 kiloton production plant for recycling all kinds of coloured PET-plastics into‘virgin’quality recycled PET.

If Ioniqa succeeds in her mission and our technology becomes mainstream, the world can stop producing new PET-plastics out of scarce oil-resources and start recycling the millions of tons of PET-waste already out there. In the near future PET producers will be capable to offer their customers the highest quality recycled PET-products at a competitive price levels.


The journey continues !


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