About Ioniqa Technologies

Ioniqa is a high-tech chemical company from the Eindhoven region (The Netherlands) founded in 2009 and specializes in the development of Magnetic Smart Processes, which includes Magnetic Smart Materials and Separation Processes. It is a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Dutch Polymer Institute (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).

Platform Technology

Ioniqa’s Magnetic Smart Materials and Separation Process is a platform technology. The current scaling up of Ioniqa’s novel technology is focussed on PET plastics only but could be applied in the future to other plastics and organic materials as well. Ioniqa foresees that also fields like Food (for instance in separation processes) and bio-medical applications (or instance in drug delivery) could also benefit from it.

Founding the company

Back in 2009 the CEO, Tonnis Hooghoudt, teamed up with a PhD student from the Technical University Eindhoven (Netherlands) and the Dutch Polymer Institute in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Thrilled by the potential of this technology and driven by an ambition to bring this to the market both knew very well that a fantastic technology in itself does not do the job. The focus was to scan the market for ‘customer-problems’ that could be solved using Ioniqa’s technology. Ioniqa started its journey in Automotive sector however the real breakthrough in the end came a couple of years later in the recycling of waste back to raw materials.

Overcoming many challenges (R&D, Funding and Technology) has resulted in the company Ioniqa is today: announcing to the word a novel technology, a game changer and contributing to the circular economy.