9 December 2013

PET Cradle-to-Cradle solution “..a Game Changer..”

The new-patented technology of Ioniqa Technologies provides a cradle-to-cradle solution for PET recycling. Unlocking Ioniqa’s unique knowledge to the market, addresses the major environmental problem of plastic waste from PET based bottles, textiles and carpets. Ioniqa Technologies recently reached excellent results in the research of its proprietary Magnetic Fluids as an effective catalyst to de-polymerize PET into colourless monomers (BHET).









Ioniqa Technologies, a high-tech chemical company (2009), is scaling up the use of its proprietary Magnetic Smart Materials and process converting post-consumer PET (plastics) into Virgin Feedstock raw materials. Thereby reducing PET waste streams to a large extent and limiting usage of scarce resources like crude oil. The PET Waste Recycling market is estimated a € 3Bn global market and expected to grow 8% per year, doubling by 2020.

Customer problem

Current (mechanical) PET waste stream converters are only able to recycle like for like shredded PET flakes i.e. white into white PET and, coloured PET into coloured PET. With FMCG’s pushing for evermore cradle-to-cradle white PET usage, a shortage in recycled white PET is pushing prices of recycled white PET up. Ioniqa’s unique patented process allows for recycling of alternative low-end feedstock into Virgin Feedstock raw materials. This not only allows for a better cost-base, but also addresses the scarcity of recycled white PET. Ioniqa’s process recycles low-grade PET waste, that currently cannot be recycled, into high-grade PET feedstock and thereby limits the use of use of natural resources like crude oil.

Cradle-to-Cradle PET

The unique Magnetic Fluid Catalyst and process of Ioniqa depolymerizes low-grade (‘bottom of the chain’) PET waste materials’ into colourless raw materials (monomers) that can be fed back into the normal PET production process and as such in high-grade PET solutions.

FMCG MNCs like Coca-Cola and Nestlé are creating a strong pull for a (100%) post-consumer PET material offering. Ioniqa’s technology is disruptive and addresses the shortage of clear flake (recycled) PET in the (worldwide) industry by unlocking alternative post-consumer PET sources. Ioniqa is offering high value to Waste recyclers, through cost avoidance (materials do not have to be dumped in landfills) and upgrading waste into valuable virgin PET material, hence creating considerable margins.

Operating cost are kept low and this chemical process is cost competitive compared to traditional recycling with the depolymerization taking place at relative low operating temperatures and by applying a magnetic field the proprietary Smart Magnetic Fluids can be re-used many times. The global recycled-PET market is large and growing significantly with 8% CAGR.

Ioniqa’s process has been proven to convert coloured PET bottles into white PET feedstock, and is currently being tested with coloured PET textile (fleece) with excellent intermediate results. Ioniqa is in the process of scaling up the process to mini-plant level.

Unique IP position

The R&D of Ioniqa in the field of magnetic colloidal systems containing nano-particles and a fluid has resulted in a patent filed in 2013 for a Recyclable Magnetic Fluid Catalyst, an invention in the field of depolymerizing any PET (polyester) into colourless monomers, a method providing high selectivity of monomers and conversion ratio’s for PET waste recycling.