Ioniqa specializes in the development of Magnetic Smart Processes, which includes Magnetic Smart Materials and Separation Processes. It is a producer of Magnetic Smart Materials, a novel class of smart materials that reversibly changes its properties when a magnetic field is applied. Our name, Ioniqa, refers to the use of Ionic Liquids in these materials.

Circular Solution

Ioniqa looked at this major challenge when launching its novel patented technology: how to solve this ‘problem’ using Ioniqa’s Magnetic Smart Processse and look at PET (plastic) waste streams as a source for raw materials? Can we even produce high quality new PET by recycling any type of PET-waste and close the loop for PET (plastics) ?

Ioniqa’s technology turns out to be a game changer: over the past four years Ioniqa developed its technology and by taking out the color recycle any kind of PET and produce ‘virgin’ raw materials, similar to the ones currently made from of crude-oil. Ioniqa is thereby solving two problems at the same time:

1 – reducing the amount of PET-waste

2 – becoming less dependent on scarce resources.

Through this innovation Ioniqa is contributing to the circular economy.

Large multinational companies such as PET-producers, the major Brands and Retailers are all recognising the large value of Ioniqa’s technology and are actively supporting. Gate fees, up to Euro 150 per ton, for waste set by local governments also force OEMs to search actively for innovative solutions for waste streams generated by taking back their products from end-customers (reverse logistics).

Magnetic Smart Materials

Ioniqa produces customized Magnetic Smart Materials that fit specific customer requirements.